In one of the first land reform initiatives of its kind, a group of farm workers of the Constitution Road Wine Growers Company in Robertson in the Western Cape will be delivering their 2013 harvest to Rhodes Food Group this week.

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SUPERCAN Shines at the Hortgro Golf Day

SUPERCAN was represented by well known rugby Springboks at the Hortgro Golf Day at Pearl Valley in Paarl. Coach Peter de Villiers was there to check on form and fitness.

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A Campaign to Promote South African Canned Fruit

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The SuperCan Education Drive is an initiative to heighten awareness of the importance of essential nutrition and to show how conveniently canned fruits complement a balanced diet.


In today’s busy world empowering people to be able to choose and enjoy top quality food at any time, with all the essential nutrients, is more important than ever. Finding the perfectly packaged answer is hiding in plain sight. Canned fruit is sometimes taken for granted because it is available all year round, always on the shop shelf, and because the quality is so consistent. It’s the most proven and time tested way to preserve the goodness of food.


Each can is a bit like a time capsule as the moment the fruit is picked and packed the nutritional value is sealed in, without need for preservatives or refrigeration.


What makes canned fruit even more special is that it needs no added power to preserve or cook the contents once it is hermetically sealed and, because of the unbeatable quality control, there’s no wastage (no food going off while it’s stored). Plus the eco-friendly steel packaging is 100% recyclable.


That, and the consistently great taste of canned fruit of all flavours, makes for a happy planet and happier people, everywhere. Growing families, hectic work days, or special occasions canned fruit brings a tasty, quick and healthy answer to the table or anywhere there’s an appetite.


As the campaign says, with canned fruit,


The new print advertising campaign will appear in popular general interest magazines and a new 30 second television campaign flighted during cooking features on DSTV.  Look out for great recipes using canned fruit on SARIE KOOK and “From can to pan” on the Home Channel.